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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Selected high-density mesh, heat-dissipating, wear-resistant and dirt-resistant
  • The armrest can be moved back and forth, and can be adjusted according to its own comfort.
  • The galvanized steel steel frame is more durable and versatile, with a multi-function writing board and strong load-bearing capacity.
  • The cushion is made of high-density sponge, which has quick rebound and is not easy to be deformed, which makes the sitting feel more comfortable.
  • Seat mat, easy to use, strong and stable, strong load.

Product Details

The chair is made of high-density mesh, which is heat dissipating, wear-resistant and stain resistant; the armrest can be moved back and forth or adjusted according to its comfort; the galvanized steel frame is more durable, more widely used, multi-functional writing board, and has strong bearing capacity; the cushion is made of high-density sponge, which has fast rebound, is not easy to deform, and is more comfortable to sit in; the cushion is convenient to use, solid and stable, and has strong bearing capacity.

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